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10 Things Teachers and Schools Can Do to Create Safer Environments for LGBT Students

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Source: GLSEN 2007 National School Climate Survey

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) students face tremendous discrimination and harassment in schools on a daily basis. In 2007, 86.2% of LGBT students in the U.S. experienced at least one incident of harassment and 60.8% reported feeling unsafe. Despite good laws in California that protect LGBT students against harassment and discrimination (the California Student Safety and Violence Prevention Act of 2000) most schools have yet to fully create safe learning environments for all students… 

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The Development of Sexuality

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Source: Interstate Research Associates

The natural course of human development means that, at some point in time, children will assume responsibility for their own lives, including their bodies… Indisputably, the role that parents play in their child’s social – sexual development is a unique and crucial one… 

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What Works for Older Youth During the Transition to Adulthood: Lessons from Experimental Evaluations of Programs and Interventions

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Because older youth face a unique set of challenges and risks as they move into adulthood, it is important to identify intervention strategies that can enhance the development and success of these individuals in domains such as employment, independent living, drug and alcohol use, pregnancy, parenting, life skills, mental health, release from the foster care system, homelessness, violence, education, and literacy… 

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Politicians, Teens and Birth Control

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Source: The Fresno Bee, November 13, 2014

Here’s a story of utter irresponsibility: About one-third of American girls become pregnant as teenagers. But it’s not just a story of heedless girls and boys who don’t take precautions. This is also a tale of national irresponsibility and political irresponsibility…

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