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California Healthy Youth Act Implementation Toolkit

iii Design

The following materials are intended for use by parents, teachers, administrators, and advocates to ensure effective implementation of the California Healthy Youth Act (CA Education Code sections 51930‐51939), which took effect in January 2016.

Fast Facts about the California Healthy Youth Act
Short fact sheet with basic information about the law, suitable for distribution at community meetings or for sharing with concerned parents or school district personnel.
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Frequently Asked Questions
(developed by the CA Sexual Health Education Roundtable)
Basic questions about the law, suitable for sharing with parents, teachers, administrators, or advocates.
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Questions & Answers for School Districts
Comprehensive and technical question and answer document detailing specific requirements of the law, including references to the relevant sections of the Education Code, intended mostly for district administrators.
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Compliance Evaluation Checklist for School Districts
Checklist for evaluating curricula against the requirements of the law.
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Sample Parent/Guardian Notification Letter
Sample letter that meets the requirements of the law for parental notification and passive consent for participation in comprehensive sexual health and HIV prevention education, which can be modified with additional details to meet the needs of individual districts.
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Curricular Materials & Resources
List of materials and resources that may be useful for district administrators.
Note: this document will be updated regularly.
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