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Upper Elementary Sexual Health

A comprehensive sexual health education curriculum for grades 4–6, written in compliance with the  National Health Education Standards and the National Sexuality Education Standards.



  • Getting Started: Classroom Ground Rules, Preview to Lessons, Sexual Development

  • Physical, Emotional and Social Changes During Puberty

  • Human Reproduction

  • Hygiene

  • Diseases and Their Transmission

  • Friendship

  • Boundaries and Bullying

  • Staying Healthy

Upper Elementary School Curriculum Preview Sample → 


  • Teacher-Friendly Lessons with Opening and Closing Animations

  • Pre-Post Tests and Daily Wrap-Up worksheets

  • Family Home Assignments

  • Masters for Student Activity Cards

  • Downloadable support materials with teacher’s lesson slides

  • Parent materials in English and Spanish

  • Student Workbooks available in English and Spanish

Extensive Appendices

  • Health-related California Education Codes and Family Codes

  • Parent information including sample notification letters and discussion prompts

  • Guidelines for working with LGBTQ students

  • Guidelines for Answering Difficult Questions

  • Teacher's Glossary of Terms

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