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Sexual Health Education

A comprehensive evidence-based sexual health and teen pregnancy prevention curriculum for grades 7-12 and out-of- school youth, written in compliance with the updated California Education Code including "The California Healthy Youth Act” (AB 329) and “Sexual Harassment and Violence Instruction“ (SB 695) and the National Health Education Standards.


Curriculum News & Updates



  • Getting Started: Classroom Ground Rules and Vocabulary

  • Life Planning

  • Exploring Friendships and Other Relationships

  • Bullying and Relationship Violence

  • Preventing Unplanned Pregnancies

  • Making Informed Decisions: Understanding the California Safe Surrender Law

  • Myths and Stereotypes Regarding Persons with HIV

  • HIV Disease and AIDS

  • Preventing Sexually Transmitted Diseases

  • Risk Recognition and Risk Reduction

  • Media and Peer Pressure

  • Accessing Community Services

  • Setting Goals



  • Teacher-Friendly Lessons with Marginal Notes

  • Pre-Post Tests and Daily Wrap-Up worksheets

  • Family Home Assignments

  • Student Activity Cards

  • Downloadable support materials with teacher’s lesson slides, parent materials in English and Spanish


  • California Education Codes, Family Codes, and sample School Board Policies

  • Parent information including sample notification letters, discussion prompts

  • Guidelines for Answering Difficult Questions

  • Guidelines for working with LGBTQ students

  • Guidelines for “Green Light, Orange Light and Red Light” lesson modifications based on the curriculum’s Logic Mode

  • Suggested Adaptations for Transitional and Higher Risk Youth

Research Findings

In September 2010, the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools was awarded a five year Tier II grant by the federal Office of Adolescent Health (OAH) to study the efficacy of the Positive Prevention PLUS curricula in impacting key sexual behaviors, attitudes, behavioral intention and self-efficacy among a diverse population of 3,000 high school students in Southern California. Final peer-reviewed findings published in 2016 demonstrate a statistically-significant delay in the onset of sexual activity, plus statistically-significant increases in student-parent communication around sexual health issues.

Sexual Health Education Products


Many OAH grantees are ordering the 2016 edition of Positive Prevention PLUS. This edition contains the same original eleven lessons which were evaluated in the OAH-TPP Tier I Research Project, plus two additional lessons (on STDs and Safe Surrender per California requirements). You may either exclude these extra two lessons from your program, or use them by submitting an OAH Adaptation Request Form.